July 2017 – Dive Report


We are experiencing some very warm waters again off our coast. Is it El Nino (Part Deux) this Winter? NOAA is reports water temperatures are at or above normal throughout the Pacific right now. We have unusual hot + HUMID conditions here in Southern California.
The photo above taken at the start of the trails that lead down to Neptune Cove/ Golden Cove North Palos Verdes illustrates the local threats to our public beach access.  In California in 1972 a law was passed creation of an agency to help ensure the public’s right to beach access.  The California Coastal Commission. Before and since then land owners and local municipalities have attempted to erect obstacles as small as “No Beach Access” signs to as large as guarded gates and walls. While it is the Coastal Commissions prerogative to constantly review and to intervene when our access is obstructed it is ultimately our job as local citizens and ocean lovers to get out and use these trails to ensure they remain apparent and therefore more difficult for access to be denied in the future.