August 2017 – Dive Report


Too much of a good thing? The waters surrounding the Palos Verdes peninsula are thick with kelp the most in at least 7 or 8 years.  Areas like Honeymoon cove have so much kelp there are only a couple narrow paths through the kelp to get out to the middle of the cove. Once underwater there are hundreds of thin strands of young kelp that again divert our normal path to our favorite spots.  Navigation is more difficult and important when it comes to returning back to the starting point or at least a spot with less kelp to ease the kick back in.

Update 8/11 : Due to warm surface water 69 ° – Top 10 ft of kelp toward surface in the middle of cove has burned off. Makes for easy kick through the middle of cove.

Besides that though the kelp jungle is amazing and teaming with more and more marine life probably since the kelp serves as an obstacle to boat fisherman and free divers alike.

The water temperatures which have gotten as high as 72 on the surface have cooled off drastically in some spots, perhaps up-welling which should further help the kelp growth.

Saw a documentary on Netflix “Chasing Coral” that reviewed coral bleaching around the world but mostly warm water areas. It reminded me of how tough our marine environment out here is with its frequent water temperature fluctuations and why it really is the best in the world.


Author: NBTT Marco

Lifelong Water Lover, Certified Scuba Diver for over 8 years, PADI Dive Master, Hundreds of dives from shore from La Jolla Cove to Malibu. Hundreds of dives from boats including in the Azores Islands, Hawaii, Cozumel, and Cabo Pulmo. Favorite diving is off of Palos Verdes for the thick kelp, variety of features, and the well worth challenge of reaching those great spots.

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