Fall 2017 – Dive Report


End of Summer and onto California’s version of Winter. For diving it means a shift in swell direction from the Summer’s south swell’s generated by hurricanes and tropical storms that develop off of Mexico to North West swell generated from storms that develop near the Aleutian islands.  While in the summer the diving is mostly protected and good off the north Palos Verdes peninsula it now becomes murky somewhat treacherous with surf. We therefore divert dive activities to Laguna and its protected coves Woods / Shaws / Crescent Bay and points such as Montage (aka Treasure Island) has a horseshoe like rock outcropping that protects most entries and diving just about year round. Most of Laguna is also blessed to be protected by its distance to Catalina which for the most part reduces much of the West and North West swell which makes it to the beaches there.  We are very blessed to live in Southern California and for those willing to dive off the shores here conditions rarely prevent us from getting in the water.


Author: NBTT Marco

Lifelong Water Lover, Certified Scuba Diver for over 8 years, PADI Dive Master, Hundreds of dives from shore from La Jolla Cove to Malibu. Hundreds of dives from boats including in the Azores Islands, Hawaii, Cozumel, and Cabo Pulmo. Favorite diving is off of Palos Verdes for the thick kelp, variety of features, and the well worth challenge of reaching those great spots.

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