Surf, Flood, Fire & Mud (Book Review)

For many years while I have dove our local waters I have been naturally curious and motivated to predict optimal diving conditions by observing the many factors around us. Factors such as surf, swell, wind,  air/water temperatures,  tides and moon phases. It often happens that conditions can go from spectacular to zero unexplainably so all we can do is try to narrow and improve the odds for good conditions.

One of the resources I follow is swell watch on ( and forecast meteorologist Nathan Cool whom posts regular forecasts and explanations for upcoming weather affecting marine conditions in Southern California. He was also very active following and discussing the 2015-2016 El Nino in his youtube channel.

He has written several books on surf forecasting and climate change and this is his latest book: Surf, Flood, Fire & Mud.

This book really digs into and analyzes the weather phenoms that affect so much of our environment in California and around the world.  It also breaks down the cause and affect el nino 2016 to la nina (weather), effects on our terrain leading to wild fires and floods and the more prominent cycle we experience living here in California.

Its a must read for those who want a better understanding and appreciation for the natural forces around us and help in planning dives. While I absolutely encourage you to purchase and read his book I will over time cover many of the points he discusses in the book.

To Purchase:
Surf, Flood, Fire & Mud by Nathan Cool
Kindle Book $9.99 / $18.50 Paperback