Spring 2020 – Dive Report


We can all understand the seriousness of something like a pandemic. Especially if we are told to close our businesses, forced out of our jobs, to stay at home, home school our children when we have about 100 other things we need to juggle. We are responsible citizens, trying to stay healthy and preventing the spread of a serious illness with no known treatment or cure.

In pre Covid-19 times it was always proclaimed that access to the great outdoors was essential for our health and wellness and appreciation for something bigger than us.

On Tuesday, April 28th the Laguna Beach City council voted to open their beaches on a limited basis. After a weekend where tens of thousands of locals without other refuge from the weekends heatwave descended on the few beaches that were open. Just days after the Laguna vote the governor of California ordered a hard closure of all beaches.

Unfortunately this crisis has given some with friends in government the perfect excuse to prevent the “deplorable” non beach city people access to the beach. Normally its usually the surfers and divers that deal with this shadow sentiment year round but now especially with temperatures rising protests are erupting and people are demanding their liberties and rightful access to the waters and beaches. Hopefully our liberties will be restored soon!