Dive Log

Sunday, January 28th – Old Marine Land – 8:30 AM
Flat forecast with Santa Ana Winds in gear. Entered at the point with ease. Visibility was 8-10 ft at point but lots of marine life as we went shallow it was easy with no surge at all. The shallow garden was amazing colorful growth. Incredible visibility in less than 30 ft. Blue water. A little chilly about 56 degrees whole dive. On a good streak for the year.

Sunday, January 7th – Shaws Cove, Laguna Beach 7 AM
Been occupied at work with several weeks of calm conditions. On this dive calmest conditions and incredible visibility. Stayed on outside of the reef and kept my eyes looking mostly at the the open ocean hoping to see a unique pelagic normally dont see with the more limited visibility. Lots of marine life good start to the year.

Sunday, Nov 26th – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes 8:30 AM
Day after a santa ana event so optimal visibility not expected but it was perfectly clear inside the cove and then a little less maybe 20+ along the wall with a moderate current.

Friday, Nov 24th – Woods Cove 8:30 AM
Very Nice hour plus dive 30 plus visibility no surge or swell ran into what I believe was a blue shark as approached sand where reef ends and larger structure starts. The shark just cruising along the coast, kelp line. Amazing conditions typical of this time of year. No need to go offshore to enjoy.

Sunday, Nov 19th – Montage, Laguna Beach. 8:30 AM
Extra Long Dive 89 Minutes covered from the North side of Treasure Island back into the cove. Very good visibility lots of fan growth throughout the kelp on the backside hasnt quite recovered yet. Lots of tiny fans growing on the south side of the reef spectacular.

Sunday, Oct 15th – Christmas Tree Cove, 8:30 AM
Conditions: Last minute decision near perfect conditions easy entry exit and visibility couldn’t have been better. Went off to shallow right side first and then circled around, lots of fish and kelp at the end of the kelp line 60 feet visibility looked endless. Wish could have done more dives.

Wednesday, Oct, 11th – Woods Cove, Laguna Beach – 7:00 PM
Conditions: Some large ground swell low wave energy and lower tide. Very surgy (common for woods). Unforately can recap much more than that had SPG hose blow 20 minutes into dive and had to abort buddies had fun and had a sea lion around them the whole time and it was able to hunt a few fish with the help of their lights.

Sunday, Sept 24th – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes – 9:00 AM
Conditions: Light swell coming into the cove, perfect mid to high tide for the entry/exit. Easy kick out little kelp on surface. Lots of thick kelp on bottom and lots of marine life and good visibility.

Thursday,  Sept 13th – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes – 7:00 PM

Conditions:  Sun now setting early at about 7 PM. Swell coming directly into the cove and building mid tide we dropped down with some light still. Incredible visibility but the kelp just keeps getting thicker and thicker just incredible.

Sunday, Sept 3rd – Christmas Tree Cove, Palos Verdes – 8:00 AM

Conditions: Very flat, high tide entered and exit through the rocks. Kicked out and went to the left around pinnacle and back around found the main structures and reefs full of life and great visibility.

Wednesday, Aug 16th, 2017 – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes – 7:00 PM

Conditions: Calm, very high tide made it perfect to easier entry among the not so slippery rocks and easy kick straight out to middle of cove.  At least 50 ft visibility underwater the best. Swell and Leopard Sharks, Most of the wall has thick young kelp growing just a few feet in front of it an even better place for all the action. Incredible dive!

Thursday, Aug 10th, 2017 – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes – 7:00 PM

Conditions: Not quite as calm as I expected but still nothing really there was a bit of a West swell coming into the cove. Kelp in middle of cove has burned off making it easy to kick to outside of cove. Very warm surface 69 – Very cool at about 50 ft. Navigated out to left which put us on structures probably near Christmas Tree cove didnt reach the wall. Water was very clear but not much marine life out.

August 6th, 2017 – Christmas Tree Cove, Palos Verdes – 8:00 AM

Conditions:  Some swell coming from west into the cove but small to no surf. Excellent visibility outside the cove and as much or more kelp as at Honeymoon. Not as much marine life. Tried to find the ledges reef around 60 ft but didn’t locate it.

August 2nd, 2017 – Terranea Resort/ Old Marine Land, Palos Verdes – 7:00 PM

Conditions:  Water looked mucky from top of cliff. Surf Swell looked okay until we got to entering there were some large swells that rolled in probably rough activity from Hurricanes. We were able to get in safely, once down visibility horrible about 3 ft. We swam around for 10 minutes and then aborted and got back in while we could still exit safely being able to see swells.

July 30th, 2017 – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes – 9:30 AM

Conditions:  Surf was almost nill as forecasted – 1st time exited from the right side of cove where typically surf is a killer.  Kelp is still a bit of a challenge to navigate around and the surface swim. Recommend a go around strategy left (south-west) and then north to hit the wall and mount that is out there. Perfect visibility a least 40 ft in most spots and more marine life than have ever seen there before.

Wednesday, July 26th- 7 PM- Terrenea Resort (Old Marine Land)

Conditions: Another excellent dive taking advantage of calm and clear water conditions. Most of the time we enjoyed 30 + visibility thanks to unobstructed sunshine beaming through the kelp forest and the pinnacles off the point completely illuminated.  We entered and exited from the point. Following the sunset we strayed off course and hit a little bit of the outer reef Buchanan’s Reef .

Sunday, July 23rd – 9 AM – Terrenea Resort (Old Marine Land)

Conditions: Best dive of the year so far. Warm water, relatively calm conditions entry at point and exit at the cove. No surge clear water plenty of marine life to observe. Nice relaxing dive.

Thursday,  July 20th- 7 PM Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes

Conditions: Forecast wasnt the best for most of P.V so we opted for most protected from south swell – Malaga, a very shallow spot but interesting features and logs of marine life we have a fairly easy entry exit despite a very high tide.

July 12th, 2017 – Honeymoon Cove, Palos Verdes –

Conditions:  Kelp, Too much of a good thing?  This cove is now thick in kelp like no other place perhaps in Southern California even  despite water temperatures in the upper 60’s as of late. It was a half dive for me as lost my partner trying to navigate around the kelp and find the wall but the kelp was endless conditions were pretty good visibility 30+ the further out you went. Nice very close encounter with a very curious friendly harbor seal.

June 25th, 2017 – Terranea, Palos Verdes –

Conditions:  Originally we were going to go to Honeymoon but very low tide and could tell very bad visibility so should have known that everywhere else would be as bad or worse. Some Surf and we kicked out about half way along kelp.  Visibility about 6 ft very limited.  Did a quick loop turned around and exited for a short dive just to get wet.

May 29th, 2017 – Terranea, Palos Verdes –

Conditions: Some Surf with low tide would have made it a bit trickier to enter at point so instead entered at cove and kicked out about half way along kelp.  Visibility again hazy in the thermocline range but 10 – 12 ft deeper. Not a lot of marine life out on this dive but  spanish shawls nudibranches all over the deeper reefs.

May 28th, 2017 – Montage, Laguna Beach –

Conditions: Low to No Surf – No Surge, Visibility Somewhat hazy in the thermocline depths, buy 10-12 ft most dive near the deeper rock pinnacles. Very little kelp but lots of growth and marine life on all of the reefs. A variety of large fans cover the pinnacles at about 45 feet my favorite part of this site.

May 24th, 2017 – Woods Cove, Laguna Beach – Twilight Dive
Conditions: Low to No Surf – Moderate Surge and Windy and choppy on the surface. Moderate Surge. Visibility Very Hazy 6-8 ft most dive. Lots of particles in the water and so it seemed that visibility improved once the sun finally went down. Very little kelp but lots of growth and marine life on all of the reefs. This reef now hosts the largest grey moon sponge have ever seen. It has always been there but now it is incredible and enormous a special point of interest at this site.