Where we Dive

Our shore diving includes sites from Malibu all the way down to La Jolla.

A few of our preferred dive sites:


Woods Cove, Laguna Beach
About 81 stairs, 20 steps across sand, 25 yard kick to a large connected series of reefs full of life and structure. A favorite for mid week night dives and during the winter months with moderate north and west swell conditions.
Marine life: Eels, Leopard & Horn sharks, Lobsters, Sheep head, Guitar fish.

Honeymoon_Image_Facing Shore

Honeymoon Cove, North Palos Verdes
One of the most incredible spots in Southern California well protected during Summer swell activity. A 10 min hike down a goat trail to a pool like entry, dense kelp forest, 20 ft wall structure, frequent visibility rivaling Catalina.
Marine life: Bat rays, Tope Sharks, Sheephead

Montage (1)

Montage (Treasure Island), Laguna Beach

Parking at $1.50/hr a longer walk but this versatile site has several dive possibilities and possibly the largest reef area in all of Laguna. Exposed to more currents that whip around the point feeding hundreds of sea fans and a variety of marine life. Best in winter months protected from north swells.
Marine life: Bat rays, LARGE Lobsters, Sheep head, schools of yellow tail, sardines, barracuda.

Terranea Resort (Old Marineland) South Palos Verdes
Free but limited public parking. A marine preserve that offers kelp forest and more marine life. Long but paved walk way to entry from the cove or “point” .
Marine life: Bat rays, Leopard Sharks, Sheephead, schools of fish like sardines, yellowtail.
Shaws Cove Laguna Beach
Easiest dive in Southern California popular with dive classes. Our usual backup spot when the forecast or conditions are showing higher surf. Awesome night dive and a crevice / swim through that can be exciting conditions permitting.
Marine life: Bat rays, Lobsters, Sheep head, Eels.
Malaga Cove, North Palos Verdes
Free Parking. 10 minute Paved Walk and a few boulders to a very shallow reef full of horn sharks, Lobsters, and typical bad visibility. 1 of 2 north facing entries offer the ultimate protection from summer swells. Good night dive spot just get to your car before 9 pm or you will get a ticket.
Marine life: Lobsters, Horn Sharks,
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